serves as a specialized library holding a variety of books and journals related to ELT and the Media, as well as an archivised collection of our graduate’s MA theses and PHD dissertations. Since the University implemented a regulation requiring that all the newly acquired books are supposed to be stored in the main library the GSE book collection has been split into two parts, the Resource Centre holding mostly the older books and journals. Having said that, the Resource Centre has never been envisioned as simply a library but rather as a unique space, allowing students and faculty members to mix, exchange ideas and collaborate on various projects.



equipped with audio and video recording technology, has been built to facilitate observation of classes for educational/research purposes. It is particularly useful for the students in the ELT programs and often plays a vital part in students’ practicum.



serves as a meeting space for ELT faculty members and students. It is utilized for faculty meetings, thesis defences and other examinations and for a variety of social and cultural events organized at the school, such as Social Evenings, Poetry Universe or Performance Nights.